Koyasan Candle Festival

Mandōkuyō-e 萬燈供養会 Candle Festival When: August 13th Where: Okunoin, Koyasan The Candle Festival, formally known as the Mandōkuyō-e 萬燈供養会, memorializes the spirits of the ancestors with worshippers adorning a sacred road from Ichinobashi to Okunoin with candles. Mandō 萬燈 (also… Read More ›

New Year at Koyasan

Shushō-e 修正会 When: Jan 1 – 3 Where: Various locations in Koyasan: Garan, Okunoin & Daito New Year ceremonies at Koyasan involve a syncretic combination of Mikkyo and Shinto elements, a reminder that it is still problematic to identify “Mikkyo” as being… Read More ›